December 7, 2023

About The Author


Gary M. Barnard, PhD, has been a practicing child psychologist for close to three decades. He has been a high school teacher and coach, taught university classes as an adjunct instructor/professor in child and adolescent psychology and developmental psychology, consulted with numerous school districts, conducted extensive clinical research as co-owner of Cerebral Research, L.L.C., and worked as both the clinical director of a child/adolescent unit in a psychiatric hospital and as the Chief Psychologist of a psychiatric hospital. Dr. Barnard’s experience has made him a sought-after featured speaker at numerous workshops and seminars, as well as a consultant for executives at several corporations. For two decades, he has acted as an expert witness in forensic psychology at both the state and federal levels.

Barnard practices in San Antonio,Texas, where he lives with his beautiful wife (Texas State Appellate Justice)—mother of their two adult children—and enjoys as much time as he can with  two “extraordinary” grandchildren.


I am a hopeless sucker for kids and kid activities. I love tennis, hunting, fishing, flying airplanes (private pilot), traveling and I’m addicted to great coffee. I have been happily married to the same beautiful woman (my high school and college sweetheart) for 41 years, and we both love and cherish being parents and grandparents together. These are exciting times! I’m writing books, speaking, learning about social media and now blogging. Who would have ever thought it?