December 7, 2023

Honor to Our Veterans and Their Families

Honor to Our Vets

To the veterans and all of the active and reserve duty members of our Armed Forces who will be veterans…please accept the honor and thanks of a grateful nation for your service and sacrifice. Our freedom to choose is guaranteed only through the sacrifice of those who are willing to demand it and fight for it. We, in the U.S. claim as our rights life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness―but we are entitled to these rights only when we are willing to defend them as our rights. There are many who would gladly take them from us.

Veteran’s Day is a special day in our lives to honor those who have chosen to serve our country in defense of those rights…many giving the ultimate human sacrifice to secure them. We also honor your families, who have sacrificed tremendous burdens as you serve (d). Our thoughts and prayers are with you in hopes that your lives will be richer for the service and sacrifice.

May we all be willing to reach out and support families in need…but Veteran’s Day is a special day to recognize, honor and help strengthen the families of our veterans and those who are currently serving.

God Bless America and all of its veterans and their families.

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