December 7, 2023

From the Philosopher Andy Rooney’s Lips to Our Ears

In many ways, Andy Rooney is a modern day philosopher for me. I don’t agree with anyone all of the time…not even myself. But, I do agree with each of the statements below, and the older I get the more I agree. Mr. Rooney has a special way with words―let his musings marinate this week. […]

Dangerous Times: The Lighthouse and the Seagull

It’s time for all parents and grandparents to make a stand! Our children―of all ethnicity and cultures―are at great risk and many have already succumbed to the pressures of popular media, reckless purveyors of divisive propaganda, poverty, ignorance and family disintegration …to name a few. Individually, we will not be able to reverse these pressures. […]

Profiles in Parenting

Profiles in Parenting is a new and recurring post. For years, parents of the children I treat would ask, “Is any of this we’re talking about written down in a book?” In 2009, I began to write the book. I also began sampling blog sites written by parents. My daughter told me about, written […]