May 28, 2023

The Sacrificial Love of a Mother


This Sunday, I’m hopeful we’ll pause and reflect on the sacrificial love of a mother…especially yours, your children’s and your grandchildren’s. These are uniquely special people who provide sacrificial love while fulfilling a role that only they can. In doing so―day after day―they “create” a unique bond with their children that literally changes our world for the better.

Recently, our two grandsons were spending the day and night with us. The youngest―three-year-old Bennie―fell off the sofa (aided a little by big brother―five-year-old Wendell). As he cried, I picked him up to comfort him and he said, “I…want…my…MAMMA!” With best loving intentions, a Grampy, a Nonna, or even a Daddy want quite do it.

I recall from many years ago riding the school bus home in the afternoon after enduring most of the day feeling sick with a sore throat and fever. I was a stubborn little guy who wouldn’t dare tell anyone that I was sick until I got home. Inside, however, I was saying, “I…want…my…MAMMA!”

As soon as I walked into the house and I saw my mother I began to sob while running to her open arms. Even though the strep throat and high fever didn’t immediately go away, I felt so much better and I knew she would know just what to do. It seemed like the long night filled with fever-induced dreams would never end, but each time I opened my eyes…there she was placing a cold cloth on my forehead and comforting me. Even the trips to the see the doctor for the next three days and the inevitable penicillin shots were bearable because…she was there.

Think about your Mother’s love for you and be grateful. Call her, send her a card, send her flowers, take her to lunch…let her know that because of her you know the special love that comes from the sacrifice of a mother. Happy Mother’s Day, mothers! Thank you for the sacrifices you make to love and care for your children.

“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love you for loving me.”

Share your comments and stories about Mom. Until next time…”Claim your power and expand your dreams!” ~Dr. B

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