October 17, 2021

A Loving Heart is The Truest Wisdom

“A Loving Heart is The Truest Wisdom” ~ Charles Dickens


I’ve been thinking about last week’s blog: The Opposites Principle. When I wrote it I was thinking about how powerful this natural principle is in all of our lives…primarily our children’s life. Since the writing we have experienced a shocking example of evil and the devastation evil acts disperse on the victims. Without a doubt we need to hold those evil doers accountable for their deeds. But, how do we recover from all of the implications of such senseless and sadistic behavior?

Because we have good…we also have evil; hope makes hopeless possible and love allows for hate. It doesn’t feel fair to us that the burden is ours to always choose which way we go. Sometimes we feel like hating (especially evil), and that makes perfect sense to me. But, hating doesn’t diminish evil…loving does. If we don’t like the dark, we shine light on it. Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light―they’re mutually exclusive. The “Opposites Principle” is a powerful law of nature, but it requires an intentional choice on our part.

Even when justice prevails and the lives of the “evil doers” in Boston are extinguished, “What then?” Certainly it is appropriate and responsible, in my view, to hold the two young men accountable for their evil acts…and their death seems justified. But, let’s take another example of destruction and devastation; the massive explosions in the rural town of West, Texas which seems pretty evil to me. Who do we blame and did those we blame intend to cause this tragedy? My point is that there is only one direction we can take that will bring recovery and healing to our sorrow and anger. “A loving heart is the truest wisdom.” A loving heart leads us to healing and a hateful heart always leads to wounds.

With both catastrophes (Boston and West) we have witnessed the best that mankind can choose. The loving heart of friends, family and fellow man―even with all of our differences―generates a force that will always defeat evil, hate and fear. Let’s teach our children through our actions and words by choosing the “positive opposite” …a loving heart. A hateful heart wounds and creates hopelessness… a loving heart heals and creates hope.

These are some of my thoughts and reflections related to this past week’s events. I’d like to hear yours. Leave a comment and start a discussion. Let’s not waste this opportunity to shine the light.

Claim your power and expand your dreams! ~Dr. B

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