October 1, 2022

Becoming a Power Parent and The Power Parent Hour

Occasionally, I’ll post information about upcoming events. Two such events are: The release of my new book―Becoming a Power Parent: Seven Guiding Principles for Creating a Healthy Family (available the first part of November) ―and a new Radio Show―”The Power Parent Hour” which will debut on September 14, 2012 at 4:00 P.M. EDT. It will be broadcast on several radio stations from New York to the Midwest and all the way down to the Deep South. It will also be on Sirius XM Power 128, and you can also listen at: www.livestream.com/armstrongwilliams, as well. You can find out more about this by contacting the wonderful staff at: www.rightsidewire.com.

“The Power Parent Hour” is a fresh new radio talk show format that will energize parents to become “Power Parents.” Dr. Gary Barnard, child psychologist and author of “Becoming a Power Parent: Seven Guiding Principles for Creating a Healthy Family” teams up with Host―Armstrong Williams in this weekly dynamic show.

Where will our country find leaders with integrity, courage, strength—all the family values—in ten, twenty, or thirty years? The answer is that we are teaching them, loving them, and raising them right now. ~Author Unknown

American families are in crisis. The evidence comes from the plethora of statistics produced by dozens of organizations interested in the welfare of our children. However, there is hope for parents who are determined to create healthy children and families despite the forces working against them. As a child psychologist in clinical practice for almost three decades, I know that parents are hungry for information on how to raise their children in such a way that they don’t become one of the negative statistics we too often hear about in the media. “The Power Parent Hour” along with BECOMING A POWER PARENT presents the steps parents and caretakers can take to achieve their goal. The process is based upon natural laws—those accepted, expected or innate rules or directives used by healthy families that are not unlike the natural laws that regulate all life forms and systems.

When parents are asked what principles of life they most value, they cite freedom of choice, liberty, justice, sovereignty, peace of mind, and equality. These are all concepts of natural law and are our self-evident rights as human beings. Our children have these same rights.

As parents, we have certain powers that are directly related to the natural principles that form the foundation of safety and happiness within our unit. “The Power Parent Hour” presents a hybrid of ideas from natural laws, which are self-evident, well-researched psychological principles of human behavior and from my experiences as a child psychologist. The show’s purpose is to present these ideas through lively discussion in a simple, concise, and meaningful way . . . one that provides listeners with the knowledge and means to construct and develop—or deconstruct and redevelop—a family that understands and values safety, harmony, health, and happiness and can teach and perpetuate the positive results generation after generation.

We live in a complex and challenging world; technological advances have changed our ability as parents to limit or have knowledge of everything our children see, hear, read or experience and how they react to these stimuli. We need to become better trained and equipped to teach the value systems we hold dear and to show our children through example. If we fail in this mission, our children may, over time, intentionally or inadvertently “alter or abolish” what we currently experience as family. Someday, their new family units may be absent the principles that lead to the “safety and happiness” of their children . . . our grandchildren.

Please join us this September for healthy discussions of ways to bring back the power to parents and families. As the State of Our Families go…So goes the State of Our Nation.

Claim your power and expand your dreams! ~Dr. B

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  1. bonniebarnard says:

    Great news! Anxious to read your book. Keep up the good work.

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