February 3, 2023

The Holiday Pressure Cooker

 Will your Holiday Season be the wonderful experience you dream of, or will you place yourself in “The Holiday Pressure Cooker?” You probably know that food is cooked quickly when placed under high pressure. That means that it is “done” fast! Have you made the connection with how we are “done” rather quickly, as well, when we place ourselves under high pressure? During this Holiday season if this is the case, our dreams will fade rapidly and will be replaced by conflicted emotions and disappointment.

Let’s stop and think about this before the Holidays arrive. How do we place ourselves under high pressure? Well, the answer is likely more simple than you might think. Even though we are referring to any special Holiday, let’s take Thanksgiving Day and Christmas/Hanukkah, which are widely celebrated in the U.S.

Each of these special seasons represents very powerful and emotional constructs like gratitude, peace, hope, love and goodwill. They are times for families to come together…to enjoy. It’s such a wonderful time of the year―filled with great expectations. Ah…yes, and that’s one of the possible ways that we put ourselves in the proverbial “Pressure Cooker.” How do we line up our expectations with our purpose for this special time of the year?

Here’s a suggestion that may help you do just that. First, be clear about your purpose. Be specifically intentional in how you plan to celebrate your Holiday Season…remaining faithful to your purpose. Second, consider how these three principles can help you realistically plan for buying gifts, food preparation, travel, how long to stay, who you share time with, etc.

  1. The Balance Principle. Extreme behaviors are rarely associated with calm, peace and joy. Choose to be balanced in your thinking, feeling and behaving.
  2. The Mutuality Principle. Treat others exactly the way you want to be treated. Choose to meet your needs and expectations, while allowing others to do the same. To the extent that we have shared purpose, mutuality is easier to achieve.
  3. The Parsimony Principle. This is the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle. Shave away all of the unnecessary stuff to achieve your purpose. Sometimes less is better.

Those are some of my thoughts for the Holidays. What are yours? Please let me know by leaving a comment. I’m wishing you and your family a Holiday Season filled with gratitude, hope, peace, goodwill and love. Let’s all do our part to make it so!

Claim your power and expand your dreams ~Dr. B



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